FF 10 a dacade later…

Ok, semester is over and (soon) I’ll be the proud owner of a shinny new associates degree!

That being the case I have a bit o free time, wich I plan on spending writing for the Blog ^^, so for today:

Final Fantasy 10, why you rock so hard


I have recently dusted off ( yes there was actual dust) my copy of ff10 fired up the old emulator and gave it a go, well im in the process of giving it a go. This game holds up well, the in-ability to skip cut scenes is annoying, but not as annoying as Tidas the main character. The combat is still quick for a turn based rpg, and the graphics ( especially on the emulator) look passable, the real treat is in seeing just how much of this beast I have forgotten over the years. The intro when you first wind up in Speria, the chobco eater, and I’m noticing more as I go. It dose get a bit bogged down by a (sometimes) crazy high encounter rate, but I know at some point I’ll get a no-encounter item and that will cease to be a problem.

Let’s face facts though, for all of Wakas racism and all of Tidas’s whining, Aroun is fing awesome! And it’s not like he gets awesome as the adventure progresses, he starts out as a badass and just gets more badass as the story progresses.  A fairly deep customization system and the “sphere grid” round out the game, as this is my 2ed play through I was surprised to see just how customizable the charters are, (in the U.S. version) anyone and everyone is connected to Kamrie’s grid in the middle, so if your REALLY want Lulu to be a melee fighter, just move her over to Tidas’s neck of the woods and there ya go!

Short and sweet, FF 10= good game, sory square for not getting the HD-remake, but 1. Cash is tight, 2 re-make ff7, that is the one everon wants, besides while ff 10’s graphics hold up well a decade later, ff7 looks like crap, really…

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