On theology and science:

So I seemed to be born into a time where god has issued a restring order  on science. Which I find weird because one would think that god science would be the coolest science of them all. I’m talking about spirituality here, what are we at our most base? I have some thoughts on the matter, but the over reaching idea is we (as a species ) should probably be studying this stuff.  I’ll start with a gruesome example (to either weed out the faint of heart, or because it’s convenient)  imagine an explosion is coming towards you, how are you ( maybe a bit scared, but at this the monument of your impending doom you probably don’t feel much pain, and it’s happening so quickly probably not too much of anything else either)

The heat reaches you, you start to burn, you have lost millions of skin cells, how are you now ( burnt to be sure, but still very much “alive” by our standers, if the explosion could be stopped in this instance you could still survive, so let me continue.

Now the heat has gone to your organs, cells are bursting from thermal expiation, you are quite literally being vaporized, how are you now? Do you exist? What does it FEEL like? I would like to answer these questions, I think it is a fairly relevant topic, as we (for now) will all die one day, as I started with, the big idea here is: whatever the answer is we will never find it if WE DON’T LOOK!!! Are we more than just our anatomy? If not than we are just fancy robots, and while that might be the case I would like to know for sure.

If you still think I’m rambling, it’s like this: we know drugs like dmt ( and others) are related to altered mental stats and death they have been a part of human culture for as far back as we have recordes, but we are spending TRILLIONS on weapons research when we could be spending Trillions on mescaline research, and (here is the rub) the payoff of for weapons research are deadlier weapons, while they payoff for mescaline research could be eternal life, a better understanding of why where here, or at least how our conscious works and deeper than that what we are. It seems rather stupid to me that we engage in these crappy temporal endeavors when immortality might be in our grasps….   I know that is large scope stuff, but really do we have anything better to do?  Make more deadly weapons? Pollute more? Have more war?   No!  Research that I shall claim as our manifests density we must first understand, so research is key! Sadly there are people out there who are against this kind of research, because the results could be un-expected and they are quite happy with how the people are living now, fuck them!  We have lost 10x as many people to starvation than Hitler ever killed in his holocaust, (see Chinese famine, north Korean famine) a change is needed (in my opinion).  Now I do concede it is a bit of a jump to advocate drug research and then talk about famine, but I believe ( and will argue in future posts) that it’s all related, the base of most of the problems is attitudes towards competition and the attitudes we have with regard to each other.  (Again I’ll explain more later ^^)

So to quickly re-cap: Science start figuring out what happens when we die, it’s about time. Governments/intuitions of power stop letting so many suffer and die just to keep yourselves fat and happy, it’s wrong and you know it.

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