Information grading:

Imagine for a moment the efficiency of true information: information free from ulterior motives, when you know a piece of data is true it can be relied upon, it represents the real world. What if everything you saw was true? And I mean in the complete sense of the world,(No lies anywhere.) Humans are dealing in bad or at least mostly false information, we are mired in it! It is a plague of the mind so severe it has crippled the entire race! (Ranting aside, it is a problem)

I will try to illustrate: Try to recall the last few conversations you have had, what was the quality of information conveyed? What did you actually say? This is not an idle exercise, stop and think about the QUALITY of information conveyed. Now compare it to the quality of information you are able to convey… did you: order a burger, text a friend, issue an order, tell a co-worker the printer was broken? Let’s assume That last one is a true statement, these are all low Quality communications, because what they convey  is limited in scope ie:  use for the information “the printer is broken” would be to get the printer  fixed, outside of that context though it is such a small problem it really doesn’t deserve mentioning at all. However conversations like this make up (time wise and in aggregate) the bulk of communications, it’s no good! It is not socially acceptable to say “I’m happy about being well fed and warm” randomly on a warm sunny day, and for practical applications a smile does that just fine. When we speak, especially in public, we are only communicating the bile from the bottom of our psyke, not the best of us, rather our worst! This is especially true in a large city, think about what you communicate to the thousands of people you see every day. At best disinterest, and at worst open hostility. I know the reasons behind this, if you go around all smiles and sunshine a mob of pan-handlers will follow you around asking for money. This is the cost of inequality; we are not able to express the best of ourselves because if we do we become vulnerable.  Again think back to the discussions you have had today, discussing emotions and feelings in public was hammered out of us it makes people uncomfortable and it takes up LOADS of valuable time, but in purging it almost completely from public we have gone to far.   When was the last time you told someone “I sincerely hope you are doing well I love you and care about your wellbeing”. That is high level communication, it has huge ramifications to the individuals involved,  but we don’t speak like that, we have been conditioned not to. That information is however the most important, really whether the printer is full or not is in-consequential, what (should) be really important is that we are both happy and not suffering. We should be communicating high level stuff first and often! What would your life be like if that was the first thing you said to every person you met, “Hi, are you ok I value human life in general, but yours in particular.” And then you (and the person you just met) have a drink or two spend time to get to know one another as people. Any time two people meet this should be the standard as it encourages understanding and will serve to greatly curtail mis-communications, but we rush, and hast makes waste…

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