On why toilet paper is what is wrong with America:


Coming at it from a different angle today, TP! As we all know paper comes from trees, trees that take our c02 and give us back some sweet sweet 02. The production of toilet paper is a modern industrialized process that in 2005 took  5 Billion dollars worth of trees from the world! (http://www.worldwatch.org/node/5142) that is a huge pile of dead, shit covered trees, vulgarity aside my point is this: That is a HUGE cost and what is humanity getting in return for it? Enter India, far more populous than the U.S. and it spent a whopping 7.7 million (NOT billion) in the same year, that is a still a lot of dead, poop covered trees, but a pin head in comparison to the U.S.’s spending. It is not something most people discuss in polite company, but there are indeed different ways to clean an anus and some of them can be done on a national level with so much less environmental impact that if you understood how many trees we could save your head would ( most likely) rocket off your shoulders! Hyperbole aside ( it’s chilling w/ vulgarity now) It is a significant amount, why though, why do we destroy our only (real)suppliers of life giving oxygen? Because soap and water is already widely available here, there is no profit to be made, well at least not 5+billion, so we make and use “Western toilets” the logic is non-existent! I maintain we can all clean our own anuses with soap and water like people have been doing for hundreds of years, and when a technology comes along that dose not have “pillaging the planet” as a price tag we adopt that.

That first chunk can be taken on its own, but I’ll delve into why this is going on. I am not the first to think of this, but the narrative goes something like this:

Hippie: “ hay we should stop using toilet paper, it’s like laterally killing the planet.”

World: “What? Why are you event talking about that? Oh trees, I got lots of those and besides it’s probably just hurting the planet a little bit, earths tough she can take it.”

Hippie:… “umm… I still think killing LOTS of trees just so you don’t have to make physical contact with your own poop is like really bad, like not Hitler bad, but still pretty bad I mean we all share this one planet.”

World: “clearly you care about this, what are you proposing?”

Hippie: “simple, instead of using paper we use soap and water easy peasy lemon squeezy ^^”

World: “but a lot of people work in the toilet paper business, and the toilets people own aren’t really designed for using soap and water, besides people don’t want to touch their own poop, but tell ya what, just convince every person on the planet that trees are better than toilet paper and I’ll do the rest.”

Hippie: ”that would take a WHOLE lot of work, and I’m kinda a lazy guy any other options?”

World: “blog about it and hope for the best.”

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