On the American peasantry:

Ok kicking it old school with this one. Way back in the day say pre-1st agricultural revolution we (humanity) were a hunter gatherer society, patriarchal and tribal. Here members contributed to the group and followed whatever “rules” the leader made. This sometimes lead to leaders having more and the rest having less. Advance the time line to post agricultural rev. we now have cites and some degree of specialization and trade. Again we have leaders, who make the rules, and go figure those rules say leaders don’t have to work as hard and everyone else has to provide for them. In the middle ages it was nobility and kings, now it is the rich. In all these cases there are groups of people who are “different” and membership (or lack thereof) is what decides most of the person’s day to day life.

Class systems, Caste systems, natural order call it whatever you wish it is not new. Humanity has been governed by this crap for thousands of years, the names change but the players are ALWAYS the same, namely a minority of smart people put forth the idea that they are entitled to more. The idea is usually not put forth in a direct manner like with the idea of capital. The reasoning changes with the time, in tribal communities it was because they were the leader, or priest or event the strongest. Then it became because they were noble, or regal, now because they are “rich” but while the song and dance is fun and change over time the real reason remains static: power. The reason we have (and have always had) people getting more than other is we (humanity at large) empower them to do just that. Indeed we are doing it to this very day.

Rather than indicting all you good readers I will exemplify myself and my own personal contribution to our mutual enslavement. I work for a living, meaning showing up to perform agreed upon duties for a prescribed amount of time and I am compensated with money. This is the model for our time, in the middle ages it was show up make a bunch of stuff, keep some and the lord or guild or what have you keeps the rest. By participating in the system (our current socioeconomic system) I am every day granting it legitimacy, in essence every day I am saying “I don’t mind being exploited too much” and indeed this is what we are all saying… everyday. But other options are few and far between. I could start my own endeavor, beg the wealthy class to grant me their blessing and go from there, I could “live off the land” i.e.: become a bum, at least I would not be contributing to the system directly. Go 100% off the grid, become self sufficient… not too bad, but what about the rest of humanity? And also anywhere in America will have taxes to pay, so I will still be beholden to the system. These are all BAD options, imagine before you were born you were given a choice between a life of servitude or no life, would you like those options? Would you event be able to choose? Small privileged groups have been forcing people to work for them literally thousands of years, we have the technology now to communicate the message that work (wile necessary to SOME extent, and great) should be optional! We cast off gods and got kings, we cast off kings and got “governments” but I see no difference between a partner at Goldman making 4.8 million dollars a year and a 2ed rate middle ages noble, the title is different, but the power and inequality is the same. How many iterations of the shit class cycle to we need to see firsthand before we realize that equality is worth working towards? No person or organization, no matter how smart, pretty, or lucky should require our servitude. We are all people and we ALL deserve the best humanity has to offer, but in order to realize this we need to cast off all this class bullshit!

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