On Abortion:

EDIT: Updated 2019 ( was bad… really bad. (still is, but not as bad))

Going to weigh in on a divisive one today, killing little pre-people. I think of abortion as more of a symptom that points to a social cause, rather than a problem in and of its self. I also think that there is a lot to be said about tabling the issue of abortions in practice and focusing efforts on work that would regulate them to a dark time in humanity’s past. What follows is why, and how.

Why: Killing is never; NEVER a desirable outcome. Hopefully we are all in agreement at this point that eliminating abortions is really a common goal for society, the real meat and potatoes of this issue is how to go about doing that.

Now it is MOST unrealistic to assume everyone will be convinced to stop fornicating.   Here is where the work is, the most effective way to prevent abortions is sex education, accesses to contraception, and to take things a step further income/education equality. There is no magic here, no need to invoke gods or collect outside clinics, the most practical way to prevent abortions is to create a climate where it is easier for young people (or really anyone) to indulge their desire to fornicate in a responsible manner than it is to do so in a manner that will produce a pregnancy, simple as that. Now as to what that would look like: as stated before, education as a first step, it is incumbent on a society that does not want abortions to educate it’s people about sex no later than when they reach puberty, IE at the point they are capable of making a baby. Any argument that such an age is too young simply adds to the probability of an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. Next (and more tricky) is to make “responsible fornication” easier than non- responsible fornication.

So if you or anyone you know really wants to stop abortions, that is how. All other actions are merely treating a symptom. Making them illegal simply puts them underground, same with hassling clinics. All involved know it’s an all around bad practice, but stopping it is possible and desirable, as long as we all believe the focus should be on the work, not the rhetoric. (or who’s god has a big dick https://acetheguy.wordpress.com/2014/05/23/on-hopes-for-science/ )

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