On two types of people-

You know there are two types of people in the world, Zoe’s and Zelda’s (Bonus points of you get that reference ^^). Kidding aside, there are countless ways to divide humanity in two; haves and have not’s, old and young, dog owners and the rest ect… While most of these have limited practical value, there are a few that I am fond of, and one of those is what I’d like to cover today: There are two types of people in the world, those that think “We are all in this together” and those that think it’s “every man for himself”.

I think this divide is the most basic form of the partisan divide we see in the US currently; we have one group of people who think that caring for each other is most important, and we have another group that thinks we all must take care of ourselves (first). Both approaches work in different circumstances, I am of the opinion that the “I’ll look after me and mine” mentality is short sighted and more a liability in a developed society, and the “we’re all in this together” is really the only path forward (I’ll support that claim later or skip to paragraph after next) There are situations (usual when survival is not assured) that a me and mine first policy works quite well, on individual and national levels. If you find yourself without food for a long winter, politely starving is not as appealing an option as doing what is needed to survive. If a nation is on the verge of extinction due to economic assault (Think per-collapse Soviet Union) protectionist policies may be what is needed. Any organism that wants to survive in a harsh environment needs to be resilient.

The disconnect is in the evaluation of environment; from my view, we are so well suited to live here on earth that it’s like it was designed. As of today, we have no natural predators, myriad ways to feed and comfort ourselves and really nothing to fear.  Plants (perhaps the planet’s most benign inhabitants) are producing the O2 we need every day, despite the tragic way we treat them. In this environment we can (and should) be thriving, crushing all the problems that prior were taking our time and focus. Instead of working together to answer “how can all people have good (Clean, fresh, tasty ext.) air, water, food, dwelling and social life” some of us seem to be hung up on “How can I have….” because the larger question is too difficult. By leaving each person to answer those questions themselves, each day we are wasting an almost incalculable amount of time and recourses, both of which are limited. A good society would have readymade answers to those questions, and they should be so good that most people will never think to re-evaluate them. Working together (and I’ve harped on this before, apologies) with current technology we can feed, cloth, house and educate every human living now and produced in the future, failing to do so is what is driving crime, corruption, abuse and all the other ills that have plagued our species.

This is NOT sustainable! the thing about conflict is it is always transient, even the 100-year war ended. Given our open sharing of information it’s only a matter of time before these 2 conditions exist in a single person: 1 know how to blow up the world / has ability to do so, 2. Wants to.  We currently have lots of people who would like to blow up the world, we also have a very select few who know how and can, so far those groups have been mutually exclusive, but both are expanding and it will only take 1 for to be “Game Over Man!”.   I solve this quandy by putting everyone in the first group and reducing the second to 0, MAD on an individual level. Other options exist, but are fairly suffering intensive or distasteful for my sensibilities (I’m fairly big on pervasion of sentient will).

Even the “every man for himself” group are all about collaborations, but they like the super slow version of it, where they only collaborate in one direction within their peer group (Usually family). Ex. parent imparts knowledge “1” to offspring, they follow the “Every man for himself” ideology and after a lifetime passes on this and their knowledge “1+2” to his offspring and so on. In effect they are collaborating, but there is little 2-way communication and the process takes generations (super slow) and the knowledge is not spread through society.  In contrast, working with all people allows the sharing of all kinds of information in a very short span of time. It is how we can affect quick and well thought-out changes. The more people involved and the larger the perspectives involved the less likely someone is neglected.

Long story short, there are two kinds of people: Those that understand that we are all in this together, and those don’t. Those in the 1st group can work together and are the future of the species, the rest are a relic of our bloody past and will soon enough be left there.

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